Stage Left Cellars Journal


We took a Stage Left of our own and have closed our business.

We are SOLD OUT!


So you found us. That must mean you share a passion for great wine, great friends, and new experiences. Or you're just lost.

Basically, making wine is our gig. We don't make much, but that whole quality over quantity thing tends to rule the Stage Left wine roost. As crazy as we are with quality, it's only one piece of the puzzle at Stage Left. The real name of the game is to make wine that moves you. Sure, it's a lofty goal. But bridging the gap between mere drink and lasting memories is why we got into this crazy business in the first place. Besides, everyone needs an exit strategy.

Stage Left handcrafts small lot wines from our favorite varietals like Syrah, Viognier, Grenache, and Mourvedre. And Petite Sirah. And a little Roussanne. Boy do we like Roussanne. But we admit, even though we focus on Rhone varietals, other varietals like Cabernet and Zinfandel may make a cameo appearance every now and then. That way we can keep you on your toes.

If our varietal madness isn't enough to keep you guessing, we also mix it up with some of the top vineyards in California and Oregon. That's right, Oregon.

Join us on the journey. Along the way, you'll see that quality and passion reign supreme. But not at the expense of having a good time. So, if you're looking for something that skirts convention while delivering the goods, clear your calendar and grab a glass.