Stage Left Cellars Journal


We took a Stage Left of our own and have closed our business.

We are SOLD OUT!



We don't like to put all our grapes in one basket (or half-ton bins for that matter). So we source fruit from some of the most heralded vineyards in California and Oregon. Some you may already know, some you will soon know. At least if we have anything to say about it.

Here are a few of the vineyards we pester:

  • Alder Springs Vineyard
  • Del Rio Vineyard
  • Fairview Road Ranch Vineyard
  • Hoppe Kelly Vineyard
  • Nielsen Vineyard
  • Russell Family Vineyard
  • Saralee's Vineyard
  • Theopolis Vineyard
  • Watch Hill Vineyard
  • Westerly Vineyard


You could say the vineyards we work with speak to us. Not in the weird "I hear voices" kind of way. It's more that we see something special in the vineyards we source. Some of the vineyards are proven performers, others aren't really on the map yet. But they all share the potential to make great wine. We constantly work with (i.e., annoy) our vineyard partners to ensure the highest quality fruit for both our wine and their reputation.


It's hard not to fall in love with California's Central Coast. Especially if you're a fan of Cal Rhone wines. When we set out to make this nut job of an idea a reality, looking to the Central Coast was the one easy decision.

Paso Robles holds a special place in our hearts. And Paso is a hotbed of activity when it comes to Syrah. We like hotbeds. Then there's the Viognier. And the Grenache. And... you get the picture. The people are amazing, too. What's not to like?

Speaking of Grenache, most people think of this thin-skinned red head as a warm weather varietal. We went the other direction, sourcing our Grenache from a much cooler part of the Central Coast, the Santa Maria Valley. It's pretty mild there, so Santa Maria is best known for producing amazing Pinot Noir. But our Grenache gets plenty of time to ripen and develop the combination of color, balance and structure so much California Grenache misses. Other areas may get a lot more play for Rhone grapes, but we think we're onto something.

Because we're just that kind of people, we also source Syrah from the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon. That's right, Oregon. As much as we love Oregon Pinot, we have a soft spot for the Syrah up there. You can fight us on it, but give it a try. We'll do our best to hold back from saying, "I told ya so!"

We also source some amazing fruit from the Santa Ynez valley. We like to think of it as our yin and yang zone. There's thick and powerful warm climate Syrah from the Happy Canyon area and sleek, peppery Syrah from Los Alamos. In a single area, we find our respite from overblown Syrah and the cure for our hedonitstic impulses. Dr. Jekel, meet Mr. Hyde.

Oh and then lots not forget the wonderful fruit we're sourcing from Northern Cal – from Russian River to Mendocino to Lake County to Napa…